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Nikolai Levichev: the USA is still afraid of the UN authority

26 июня 2015

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma took part in the "Open Tribune" meeting devoted to the 70h anniversary of the United Nations. The event hosted by the State Duma was participated by SD Chairman Sergei Naryshkin, the leaders of the SD factions, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov, MFA deputy Head Gennady Tatilov, and representatives of the expert community. In his speech, Nikolai Levichev stressed that a highly significant role played by the United Nations Organization in modern world does not mean there is no need for changes:

The USA is still afraid of the UN authority despite the fact that the system of international relations has been spiraling into the solution of the problems between countries through the use of force during the last decade.

Here we are talking about not only combat operations but also sanctions, and provision of support for marionette terrorist organizations.

Nevertheless, the role and powers of the UN are still exceptional. Such formats as G20, BRICS and SCO have failed so far to move beyond he borders of economic policy. Therefore, it does not matter if someone likes it or not, but there is no alternative to the UN at present. Countries must learn how to find common ground and look for forms of resistance to such things as religious fundamentalism and illegal migration.

I am sure that our MFA should be more active at searching for the allies for Russia among the countries of the Asian-Pacific region so that they would support the positions of our country at the UN voting. It is necessary to promote influence of Russia inside the organization by attracting Russian specialists and experts to work as the UN staff members.

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