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Alexander Romanovich addressed the Conference of Russian and German sister cities in Karlsruhe

29 июня 2015

Alexander Romanovich, deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs spoke at a panel discussion "The German-Russian relations: new impulses and the ways of overcoming the crisis" on 29 June this year.

Alexander Romanovich stated in his speech that the conference was being held at the moment of an uneasy relationship between Europe and Russia. Now, during this period of confrontation, it is necessary to value every opportunity of international communication for holding a dialogue. Moreover, the background of the current meeting is distinguished by a huge number of important contacts and a big amount of cooperation within the framework of the sister cities community. We should really appreciate this potential.

The Russian representative stressed that it is cooperation between particular countries and associations regarding some definite painful issue which steps forward against a gloomy background of the current confrontation.

As an example, Alexander Romanovich mentioned the Minsk agreements on the Ukrainian crisis where the countries of the "Normandy Four" found a common ground, and what is more, Germany and Russia played the leading role there. The politician emphasized that if Europe was really united and thought long-term, in respect of the current continental integration, it would not have facilitated coming into being of Kiev’s definitely doubtful regime judging by its nationalist, sometimes even neo-Nazi origin.

Alexander Romanovich stated that the conference itself proves that the Russian-German dialogue is still going on not only on the issue of Ukraine. The bilateral relations have a solid historical basis as well as the experience accumulated over the years. Politically determined geopolitical demarches must by no means endanger this wealth of potential. Moreover, it refers not only to the Russian-German relations but also to our common European house which must be secured and preserved for future generations.

Alexander Romanovich and Mikhail Shvidkoy, RF President’s Special Representative on international cultural cooperation spoke in the same spirit and with a similar emphasis at the press conference of the principal foreign guests of the forum in Karlsruhe. The meeting with the press was held following the results of the main discussion of the Conference, before the meetings of the working groups..

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