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Sergei Mironov: for Poroshenko, any form of talks, in any format is a cover-up for aggressive actions and murders of civilians

04 мая 2015

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA, the leader of the State Duma party faction commented on regular shellfire of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military units:

Once again the masks are torn off. The Ukrainian army resumed shellfire of the Donbas settlements. There are victims among the civilians.

As I have repeatedly warned, the word "truce" sounds like "a reprieve" for Poroshenko, not more than that. They have licked their wounds, regrouped the forces and once again conducted strikes against South-East of Ukraine.

I am often asked the following question: What do you think about observation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev?

Well, I actually don’t think anything about observation by the Kiev’s regime of its obligations! How is it possible to be serious about the event that is not going to happen? For Poroshenko, any form of talks, in any format is nothing but a cover-up for their aggressive actions and murders of civilians.

Having flouted the principle of truce to be observed during the Olympic games, the Kiev authorities stained themselves with blood during the Sochi Olympics. Now, Poroshenko’s regime seems to have decided to celebrate the May holidays not only with dirty tricks of pro-fascist roughnecks in various Ukrainian cities but also by continuing combat operations.

Well, war is war. But I’d like once again to ask misters in Kiev the following question: aren’t you afraid that rebels may also wholeheartedly "congratulate" you on the Victory Day?

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