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Nikolai Levichev: the USA wants to deprive Russia of the right to host the World Cup 2018

27 мая 2015

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the Russian Federation State Duma commented on the FIFA corruption scandal:

The FIFA activity aroused a strong criticism from the international community – it is not for the first time when we hear about corruption in this organization. However, the arrest of nine FIFA officials upon suspicion of corruption initiated by the US authorities causes far too many questions.

The USA speaking out against corruption is something like "pigs against mud". It is necessary to understand that corruption in FIFA is bad for America because it did not work in favor of the USA. Now the FBI is subjugating an international football as the latter is connected with huge sums of money. The USA, where football is far behind basketball, baseball, American football and hockey by popularity, could not but focus its attention on such a scoop.

Now the Americans will try to put their protégés on high positions so that to have an opportunity to provide a stronger impact on the main candidate Joseph Blatter who has always been an active supporter of political non-interference with football.

I dare to suppose that apart from redistribution of the corruption flows, it is Russia that has always been another target. The task is much broader than just deprive Russia of the Mundial. They will make efforts to cast aspersions on the country trying to pursue its own independent policy and discredit this country in the eyes of the world community.

But the final result will be approximately the same as in case of the Olympics. At the suggestion of the USA, some were talking about an international boycott of the games in Sochy. However, instead of it, the Olympic games turned out to be the best in history. The same is sure to be with our World Cup.

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