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History of Great War in Family History international contest regulations

19 декабря 2014

Annex to Resolution 576 PR
December 18, 2014 of
the Presidium of the Central Council of Political Party A JUST RUSSIA



1.1. International contest "History of Great War in Family History" (hereinafter – Contest) is a federal social-patriotic party project.

1.2. The 2015 Contest is devoted to the Year of Literature in Russia, the 70th anniversary of Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the 70th anniversary since the end of World War II of 1939-1945.

1.3. The Contest period is December 25, 2014 to December 25, 2015.

1.4. The Contest geography – the Russian Federation entities and foreign states.

1.5. To implement the Contest, it would be desirable to attract associations of local history specialists, historians and creative associations working in close collaboration with civil society.

1.6. The Contest is open and consists of two stages.

1.7. The materials submitted to the Contest become its ownership and will not be returned to authors as they will be further used in the exposition and publishing activities.

1.8. Once an author participates in the Contest, he agrees to further non-commercial use of his works together with an indication of his name (nickname).


2.1. Political Party A JUST RUSSIA (hereinafter – Party) is the Contest founder and organizer.

2.2. The Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Council and the Head of the Central Body of the Party appoint the organizing and contest committees.

2.3. The Contest co-organizers are

  • All-Russian Public Movement "Social Democratic Union of Women of Russia";

  • Fund of Russian Culture Support in Russia and Abroad "Dialogue in Russian".


3.1. The Contest is held for the aim of formation of a patriotic and historical consciousness of citizens on the basis of the highest moral, spiritual, cultural, historical values and family traditions of Russia and of the countries friendly to Russia.

3.2. The main aims of the Contest are as follows:

  • promotion of citizens’ research work and creative initiative targeted at acquisition of knowledge about their family trees and awareness of their role in a historical process;

  • definition of the role and contribution of the individuals who served honorably their duty on the battle field and in the rear, and who set an example of human dignity and labor merit in times of peace;

  • preservation of historical memory about glorious pages of the history of State in dimensions of human personality;

  • creation of the archive of Contest "History of Great War in Family History";

  • strengthening of personal, family, ancestral, national and civilizational identity;

  • strengthening of international and cross-party relations of the Party;

  • formation of a positive public opinion about the Party;

  • preservation and development of the feeling of social justice on the basis of interpersonal, intergenerational and interparty relations;

  • drawing of Mass Media attention and public interest to Party’s activity.


4.1. Literary assignment.

The main literary assignment of the 2015 Contest "History of Great Victory in Family History" is writing of a work tracing back the history of your family to not less than three family generations. The main form of family line presentation is a story, i.e. a successive chronologically arranged (from the past to the present) text narration. Special attention in the storytelling should be paid to the episodes connected with the most significant national and historical milestones, events and achievements, interesting facts that link the story heroes with the history of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945/World War II of 1939-1945. It is recommended that the story be supplied with illustrative material:

  • family tree executed in any technique, including 3D composition;

  • archive photographs of the heroes of the story;

  • photos of awards of the heroes of the story;

  • pictures of the historical objects, buildings, memorials, burial grounds and subjects described in the story;

  • video and audio recordings of the family members’ memories;

  • audio recordings, including songs and family hymns;

  • books, articles and area studies written about the heroes of the story or reference to their publications.

4.2. Musical assignment.

In 2015 the Contest musical assignment will be implemented together with International Festival "The Union of Talents of Russia", souztalantov.com (hereinafter – Festival). The main theme of the Festival is "Songs burnt by the War..."


  1. Choreography (solo, duet, miniature, ensemble)

  2. Vocalism (solo, duet, trio, ensemble)

  3. Choirs, choir ensembles

  4. Instrument art (soloists, ensembles, orchestras)

Applications for participation in the Contest are invited from amateur and semiprofessional groups and soloists who expressed their wish to participate in the Contest in one of the nominations and offered for consideration musical acts and works created about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the events of World War II of 1939-1945.

When executing an application, it is recommended to attach

  • additional information about the history of performance of the submitted musical work;

  • photographs of the family members – war and labor veterans;

  • family portraits of musical dynasties.

The illustrative material attached to the application will be used at finalizing the results of the Festival in Sochi, March-April 2015 and in charity concert "Songs burnt by the War" in Moscow, May 2015 and placed by the Festival on site souztalantov.com.


5.1 Contest participants may be persons who applied for participation in one of the two age groups:

  • under 18 years of age;

  • over 18 years of age.

5.2. Applications for the Contest must be submitted

  • at a regional stage – from January 15, 2015 to April01, 2015.

  • at a federal stage – from April 01 to May 01, 2015.

5.3. Regional divisions of the Party will spread information about the Contest; collect applications, materials and works for the Contest, and consult regarding the requirements for execution of the Contest works.

5.4.Applications for participation in the Contest literary part must be posted to the Organizing Committee (with indication of the Applicant’s personal details: his Full Name, place of registration, contact details) to the address: 13 Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow 123104 or e-mailed to srkonkurs@yandex.ru, the Central Body of the Party and marked "To Contest "History of Great Victory in Family History".

5.5. Applications for participation in the Contest musical part must be forwarded to the Festival Headquarters, to the address: Moscow 125000, Tel.+7(926)843-13-88, Tel/Fax +7(495)571-92-61, e-mailed to souz_talantov@mail.ru or to the site: souztalantov.com/zayavka, section "To fill in the Festival application form".

5.6. The text part of the Contest works shall be in Microsoft Word, font size 14, single spacing, Times New Roman, graphic part – in the JPEG format, with the image quality of not less than 600 dpi. The graphic and text parts of works shall be made as separate files; a file name shall contain the Applicant’s Full name and the region name.

5.7. Materials of the Contest works will be used for composing the materials to be placed in the information resource of the Project, on the Party’s official site www.spravedlivo.ru and in social networks. The organizing committee members make selection by the nominations of Section 4 of the given Regulations, decide on compliance of the Contest applications with the Contest requirements for their further consideration by the Contest committee.


6.1. The submitted Contest works are evaluated, and the winner and laureates are chosen in each of the below-mentioned nominations in compliance with certain criteria.

6.2. The evaluation criteria of the Contest assignments:

  • correspondence to the declared subject, and terms and conditions of the Contest;

  • informativity;

  • demonstrativeness;

  • creative approach, singularity of the Contest assignment execution;

  • high level of skill, artistic taste, method of execution.

6.3. The Contest has the right to establish (by its decision) an additional nomination or several ones and give awards by this (these) nomination(s) judging by the specific features of works submitted to the Contest.

6.4. The Organizing Committee is to check correspondence of works to the terms and conditions of the Contest, and determine the winners and laureates from May 01, 2015 to June 01, 2015.

6.5. The Contest results are to be finalized and the winners informed by August 01, 2015.

6.6.The Contest winners and laureates will be given awards at a solemn event confined to one of the days of Military Glory in Russia in 2015.

6.7.The contestants who submitted their works to the Contest but did not become the winners are awarded with the laureate diplomas.


7.1. The Contest Committee gives expert opinion of the works submitted to the Contest.

7.2. The Contest Committee deals with consideration of the works submitted to the Contest, decides on the winners and gives them awards.

7.3. The Contest winners are determined by voting at a meeting of the Contest Committee. The winners are determined by the sum of votes of the Contest Committee members.


8.1. The Contest winners are determined in compliance with the Contest Committee decision:

  • three winning places – in the Contest literary part ;

  • one winning place in each nomination – in the Contest musical part.

8.2. The Contest winners get prizes and diplomas of the Contest laureates.

8.3. All the Contest works will be published in the Contest booklet and in the Contest information resource www.spravedlivo.ru.

8.4. The contestant who gets maximum of the positive evaluations on the Contest page in the Internet will be given the Audience Choice Award.

8.5. All the contestants whose works are submitted to the Contest will be awarded with diplomas of laureates.

8.6. To inform the contestants and public, a special section of the project is to be created on the party’s official site www.spravedlivo.ru


The list of the Contest partners (hereinafter – Partner) is composed on the basis of a separate Partnership Agreement with the Contest Organizer.

The Partner is given an official status "Partner of Contest "History of Great Victory in Family History" and the right to use the Contest logotype and indication of the given status in his promotional events since the moment the Partnership Agreement is concluded till February 01, 2015. The Contest co-organizers will get the Partner’s status.

The Partner’s package includes the following:

  • Registration of 1 (one) representative of the Partner as a guest at the final event as well as at the solemn and public events.

  • Placing of the Partner’s name and logotype on the Contest official site with an active link to the Partner’s site.

  • Layout of information about the Partner in a special section (Partners) of the Contest official site www.spravedlivo.ru (images and information in Russian are to be submitted by the Partner to the Contest Organizing Committee).

  • Placing of the logotype and information about the status of the Partner in the Contest official press releases and their distribution among the bases of the federal and regional Mass Media, experts of the forum, representatives of the federal and regional authorities.

  • Placing of the logotype and information about the status of the Partner in the information materials being part of the gift for the contestants and the Contest finalists.

  • An opportunity to establish his own nomination for the contestants at will of the Partner and upon coordination with the Organizing Committee.

  • Placing of the logotype and information about the status of the Partner in the final guidance material of Section "Partners".

  • Placing of the logotype of the Partner in the advertising media of the Contest sites.

  • Placing of the Partner’s information/advertising materials on special information desks or advertising constructions of the Partner (roll-ups, banners) on the sites of events in support for the Contest.

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