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Mikhail Emelyanov: Russia must limit import of goods and services from the EU and the USA

30 июля 2014

Mikhail Emelyanov, the first deputy head of the State Duma faction of A JUST RUSSIA party made comments on the new sanctions imposed by the West against Russia.

According to the parliamentarian, the sanctions will not provide a serious impact on the Russian economy. "We’ll have to face certain difficulties but this problem is sure to be solved during two or three years. I don’t see the problems that might be crucial for our economy," he said.

The politician stressed that these measures are more tangible attempts to influence the Russian economy in comparison with the ones made before. However, he sticks to the opinion that this might help to restore the health of economy.

"At least, regarding finances, it is necessary to employ the capacities we have. We have an opportunity to increase capital of our banking system and substitute the external credits by inner loans. As for the credits substitution of which will be impossible, it is necessary to use the resources of South-East Asia, and first of all, China’s," said Mikhail Emelyanov.

According to the politician, import substitution should have been carried out in the defense industry long ago. "It’s nonsense that our economy depends on our probable enemies", he said.

Mikhail Emelyanov also thinks that Russia must give a corresponding answer to the sanctions of the West. "Once we limit import of goods and services from the EU and the USA, they will sober much more quickly," the parliamentarian mentioned.

The deputy also sticks to the opinion that the West shall be devoid of the distribution areas. "As for the USA, it is food, pharmaceutics, road machinery, construction and agricultural engineering. It is necessary to strike the sectors of the largest export to Russia," emphasized Mikhail Emelyanov.

In his opinion, the Russian enterprises and the manufacturers of the countries that are the RF partners might substitute the above-mentioned products.

The deputy believes that Russia should not be afraid to make the USA angry. "We mustn’t demonstrate our weakness. The more we do it, the heavier are the blows we get. Regarding the new sanctions against Russia that might be imposed after that, they do not depend on our answer. It will depend on the readiness of their economies. That’s why I can’t see any serious problems here," Mikhail Emelyanov stressed.

He thinks Russia must answer the US sanctions because in this case it will create a certain pressure on President Barack Obama on the part of the American business.

The parliamentarian thinks that "of course, it is necessary to hit their financial sector as well." He reminded of the draft law prepared by a group of deputies headed by Evgeny Fedorov. It is a bit clumsy but the idea is absolutely right: to limit the activities of the Western financial auditing consulting companies. They get big money here as insurers as well," said Mikhail Emelyanov.

As for the EU, the deputy thinks that Russia must limit the import of food, household chemicals, the products of mechanical engineering and the engineering tools from the European countries.

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