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International activities of A JUST RUSSIA Party

On June 30, 2008 A JUST RUSSIA became a member of the Socialist International (SI) after receiving an observer status at the 23rd Congress of the Socialist International in Athens (Greece).

The decision to grant a consultative status to the Party was taken at the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International convened in Paris in November 2010.

On August 30, the 24th Congress of the Socialist International that met in Cape Town, South Africa (RSA) upgraded the status of A JUST RUSSIA party to a full member of this international organization. The Party delegation that took part in the Congress was headed by Sergei Mironov, the leader of A JUST RUSSIA.

Cooperation of the Party with the Socialist International bringing together over 150 social democratic, socialist and labour parties and organizations from more than 130 countries provides opportunities to discuss the processes taking place not only in Russia but around the world and affect (in some way) the formulation of the agenda of the above-mentioned international organization.

The representatives of our Party take an active part in the SI commissions and committees. Mr. Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA, a State Duma deputy from the faction "A JUST RUSSIA" has been a member of the SI Commission on Sustainable World Society since June 2007, Mr. Aksakov has been on the SI Commission on Global Financial Issues since November 2008, and Mr. Burkov, a State Duma deputy from the faction "A JUST RUSSIA" was elected co-chairperson of the SI Committee on Local Governments.

Another important line of international activities of the Party is its cooperation with the Party of European Socialists (PES) and its Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. In April 2008 in Brussels, Mr. Levichev, the Head of the State Duma faction "A JUST RUSSIA" signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Martin Schulz, President of the Group of Socialist and Democrats in the European Parliament This document provided the basis for a wide-range cooperation: exchange of official delegations, participation in international conferences, forums, and other official events.

Special attention is paid to development of the party-to-party ties in area of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In February 2010, there was held a Forum of the socialist and social-democratic parties of the CIS countries, with participation of the representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.

Party A JUST RUSSIA contributes to development and enhancement of cooperation of Russia with the European Union and the USA. In July 2010, a tripartite working group was set which included representatives of the faction "A JUST RUSSIA", the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and the Democratic Party of the USA.

The leaders of A JUST RUSSIA twice headed the party’s official delegations (Levichev N.V., Chairman of the Party – in Rome, on December 15, 2012 and Mironov S.M., the Leader of the Party’s State Duma faction – in Leipzig (Germany), on May 22, 2013) that took part (upon invitation of its foreign partners) in the international conferences of the Progressive Alliance which is a new international network whose membership may be obtained by the socialist, social-democratic, labor and democratic parties. The main target of the Progressive Alliance movement is searching for solutions to the most serious problems which the world community has been facing in the XXI century. The decision to establish the movement of the Progressive Alliance was taken at the conference in Leipzig on May 22, 2013 with participation of over 40 parties (both in power and in opposition) from Europe, America and Asia; actually from all the G-20 countries, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Socialist Party of France, the Indian National Congress, the Workers Party of Brazil etc.

The Department of International Cooperation of the Party’s Communications Department (the former name – the International Department) cooperates with the Chamber of Deputies of A JUST RUSSIA and the Fair World Institute in carrying out international activities, including the ones with participation of the Friedrich Ebert and Rosa Luxemburg foundations and the Swedish Center of Olof Palme.

Party A JUST RUSSIA held three international socialist Forums from 2007 to 2012 devoted to the issues of social policy, sustainable development and the global economic crisis as well as a number of international conferences, symposiums, seminars and round tables devoted to other urgent problems. Over 150 Russian and foreign scientists, experts and politicians sharing the social and democratic ideas took part in those activities.

A steady dialogue has been established with the Communist Party of China about the issues of support provision to small and middle business, economic and political modernization and development of regional cooperation.

Brochure The practical experience of foreign socialist and democratic parties during the election campaigns was prepared on the basis of analysis of experience of the election campaigns held by foreign partners of party A JUST RUSSIA.

A JUST RUSSIA has been steadily strengthening and developing its contacts with foreign left-centered political parties and non-profit organizations (NPO). The contacts with the following below-mentioned foreign partners of A JUST RUSSIA have been established by present:


  1. The Party of European Socialists (PES) and its Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (PASD)

  2. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun

  3. The Belarusian Party of the Left Fair World

  4. The Republican Party of Labor and Justice (Belorussia)

  5. The Hungarian Socialist Party

  6. The Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)

  7. The Republican political Party "New Ossetia" (South Ossetia)

  8. The Democratic Party of Moldova

  9. The Socialist Democratic Party of Moldova

  10. The Labor Party of Georgia

  11. The Socialist Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan

  12. Socialist Party Ata-Meken (Kyrgyzstan)

  13. The Socialist Democratic Party Harmony (Latvia)

  14. The Socialist Democratic Party of Lithuania

  15. The Serbian Radical Party

  16. The Socialist Party of Serbia

  17. The Bulgarian Socialist Party

  18. The Party Bulgarian Social Democrats

  19. The Polish Democratic Left Alliance

  20. The Czech Social Democratic Party

  21. The Democratic Party of Italy

  22. The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party

  23. The Socialist Democratic Party of Germany

  24. The Left Party (Germany)

  25. The Socialist Democratic Party of Finland

  26. The Socialist Democratic Party of Sweden

  27. The Socialist Party of France

  28. The Communist Party of Vietnam

  29. The Communist Party of China

  30. The Workers Party of Korea – DPRK (North Korea)

  31. The International Conference of the Asian Political Parties (ICAPP)

  32. The Indian National Congress

  33. The Democratic Party of Kurdistan, Iraq (DPK)

  34. Fatah (Palestine)

  35. The Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico

  36. The Communist Party of Cuba

  37. The Workers Party of Brazil

  38. Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA, Greece)

  39. Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova

  40. São Paulo Forum (a conference of leftist political parties and other organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean)

  41. Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front

NCO (Non-Profit Organizations)

  1. The Institute of Social and Economic Development of Eurasia (China)

  2. China Center for Contemporary World Studies

  3. The International Center of Olof Palme (Sweden)

  4. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany)

  5. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Germany)

  6. Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany)

  7. The Center for Russia and CIS affairs in German Council on Foreign Relations (Germany)

  8. Jean-Jaurès Foundation (France)

  9. Alfred Mozer Foundation (Netherlands)

  10. Kalevi Sorsa Foundation (Finland)

  11. Foundation for European Progressive Studies (European Union)

  12. European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (European Union)

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